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Best. 2019. Ever.

2019 is round the corner and with it lies opportunity, excitement and another 365 days to live your best life.

Whether you want to make your personal life sizzle, or get your team, business or organisation performing at its peak then join Sanderson Jones for retreats and workshops that take you to the next level.


Sanderson Jones in action.

How will you get the best out of the 12 months between Tuesday January 1st 2019 and 11:59 pm on 31st of December?

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REtreat To the future - 26th 27th January (tBC)

What do you want from 2019? Maybe a career change, deeper relationships relationship, a community of support or just to go further along the journey you’re already on.

Retreat To The Future is designed to give you a deep understanding of yourself, so that you know exactly what you need to do, and have the tools and techniques to put it into action.

We are just waiting for final confirmation from an amazing venue for 26th-27th January - so express your interest below!

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one day wellbeing workshop

You want your team to be energised, motivated and creating fantastic work in 2019. This one day Wellbeing Workshop uses the tools and techniques of Lifefulness to make your people be the best version of themselves at work and at home.

Using insights and lessons from the award-winning Sunday Assembly movement we turn mental blocks into motivation, improve relationships, increase happiness and inject energy into any organisation.

Kick off the year like you’ve never kicked it off before!



Listen to some previous participants to understand the difference these workshops have made in their lives.


Measurable Impact

We have been creating a scientific evidence base for Sunday Assembly and Lifefulness since we started our journey in 2013.

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lifefulness improves wellbeing

Dr. Michael Price, a senior Psychology Lecturer at Brunel University, and Director of the Centre for Culture and Evolutionary Psychology, carried out a six month longitudinal survey of Sunday Assembly attendees and showed that attending improved their wellbeing, and created deep personal connections.


ongoing research

Sarah Charles, a PhD researcher at the Brain, Belief and Behaviour Lab at Coventry University, is currently carrying out studies at numerous Sunday Assembly chapters. The work with reveal if, and how, hormonal responses at these gatherings generate feelings of togetherness and happiness.

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Feel Happier

In a 2014 survey of Sunday Assembly participants, 87% reported that attending made them feel happier.

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increase life satisfaction

Survey respondents didn’t just report an increase in happiness (hedonic wellbeing) but also in life satisfaction (eudaimonic wellbeing).

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increase their sense of community

Taking part in Lifefulness gatherings and connection building activities also created an increased sense of community.


One Day Wellbeing Workshop

The one day wellbeing workshop harnesses the techniques of Lifefulness for a dynamic, transformative and fun day of wellbeing and exploration. 

The positive energy and enlightening activities will have your team dancing to their desks, ready to perform at their peak.

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Improved wellbeing, IMproves mental Health.

The wellbeing workshop provides methods for turning negative, limiting beliefs into motivation, ways to reframe stressful situations and other happiness generating tactics.

Fostering deeper and more authentic relationships is vital to good wellbeing, and a fundamental building block of Lifefulness. The learning style of our workshops, which was designed to bring communities closer, does this through group discussions, sharing and collaboration.


Peak experiences and flow states have been shown to increase performance and boost creativity. The wellbeing workshop uses the science of embodied cognition to get people into a changed physical state through singing, movement and meditation. These established practices change the chemistry in our brains and our bodies, helping people think around old problems and to dream up new visions.

John Hagel, the founder of Deloitte’s ‘Centre for the Edge’ puts it like this: “The individuals and organisations who went further fastest were always the ones tapping into passion and finding flow”. 


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By the end of the workshop participants will have with a plan for 2019, for how they can live their best life at work and at home. By connecting to an individual’s personal values at a profound level, they will be able to bring full emotional engagement to their work. Everyone will leave with an inspiring and achievable plan, that has been designed using the latest goal setting techniques.


Sanderson has worked with brands across the world as a keynote speaker, host, facilitator and partner.

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