Measurable Impact

We have been creating a scientific evidence base for Sunday Assembly and Lifefulness since we started our journey in 2013.

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Feel Happier

In a 2014 survey of Sunday Assembly participants, 87% reported that attending made them feel happier.

increase life satisfaction

Survey respondents report an increase in life satisfaction (eudaimonic wellbeing) as well as happiness (hedonic wellbeing).

Growing sense of community

Attendees also report an increased sense of community.

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lifefulness improves wellbeing

Dr. Michael Price, a senior Psychology Lecturer at Brunel University, and Director of the Centre for Culture and Evolutionary Psychology, conducated a 6 month study that showed attending Sunday Assembly improved wellbeing, and created deep personal connections.


ongoing research

Sarah Charles, a PhD researcher at the Brain, Belief and Behaviour Lab at Coventry University, is currently Lifefulness gatherings to how hormonal responses generate feelings of togetherness and happiness.