Free Wellbeing Mornings

Do you want a workforce that is energised, connected to the company vision, motivated, inspired and working smoothly together? Then Lifefulness is the perfect source for trainings, workshops and programmes that can transform your workforce. 

To make it as easy as possible to see it in action, I am offering a free morning wellbeing session for your workplace. Yes you read correctly, free.

You’ll get an uplifting Power Hour that combines mindfulness, movement and power ballads (don’t worry, singing is believing!), along with wellbeing techniques and an inspiring tale to positively impact and motivate your workforce.


what’s lifefulness?

Lifefulness is the practice of adapting the tools and techniques that have been pioneered by congregational communities (churches, mosques, temples and the like), in a way that is inclusive to all, in order to create meaning and belonging.

The practice was developed over 6 years in the award winning charity Sunday Assembly, and it is now being taken into the workplace. Inspirational and uplifting gatherings that bring people together and raise the spirits of all are a vital part of the work - which you can try out.


What you’ll need

There are a few simple things that you will need to have.

·       A room with a screen or projector. 

·       An office that is up for some occasional loud music for an hour. 

·       15 or more people who are up for feeling great.

That’s about it.


What you’ll get

An early morning dose of wonder and joy will have your team dancing to their desks and singing into their spreadsheets. How will this impact your business?

  • Closer connections between your staff

  • Individuals will get in touch with their values and the company’s

  • Stressful situations can be put into perspective

  • Everyone can tap into the power positivity and creativity

Whether you want to shake things up to get new views on old problems, are interested in finding innovative ways to improve team dynamics or just want a jolt of dopamine in the morning - get in touch.