Features Overview

Do you want a workforce who is energised, connected to the company vision, motivated, inspired and working as one? Great. Because our knowledge for wellbeing, lifefulness trainings, workshops and programmes that can transform your workforce. 


The great news is I am offering a free morning wellbeing session for your workplace. Yes you read correctly, free. 

Lifefulness will give you an uplifting Power Hour that combines meditation, movement and power ballads, along with wellbeing tools and an inspiring tale to positively impact and motivate your workforce. 

My mission is to bring Lifefulness into the workplace because everyone should be able to find meaning and belonging at work - making happier people, and more effective businesses.


what you’ll get

·       Closer connections between your team

·       Individuals connecting to their purpose

·       Participant will clear stresses and mental blocks

·       Everyone tapping into positivity and creativity


what you need

·       A room with a screen or projector. 

·       An office that is up for some occasional loud music for an hour. 

·       15 or more people who are up for feeling great.

·       To be in London (sorry this only works if it is local-for now)


what i’ll bring

An FREE hour of activities and inspiration that will unleash positive vibes, smiles and laughter.