Sanderson Jones

The Wellbeing Pilots.

Want your team, or your workplace, to get off to the best possible start to the day? Then why not try a free morning wellbeing session.

Get in touch and you can sample how Lifefulness (more on that below) can positively impact your team at no charge, by piloting our new ‘Power Hour’. The ‘Power Hour’ combines mindfulness, movement and power ballads (yes, you read that right), along with wellbeing tools and an inspiring tale. 

This sounds great, so why aren’t you charging? Because the best way to understand the innovative practice of Lifefulness is to experience it for yourself. A no risk trial saves the 4 phone calls, 2 meetings, 37 emails and 2 difficult conversations with the Finance Department that get in the way of trying something bold and new.

After a morning of Lifefulness, it would be brilliant to speak to you about the Wellbeing, Transformation and Lifefulness trainings, workshops and programmes that are available.


What is lifefulness?

Lifefulness is a practice that was developed at Sunday Assembly, the international award-winning, community building charity. Sunday Assembly adapted the techniques and tools pioneered by congregational communities (churches, mosques, temples and the like) in a way that is inclusive to all, and shown to improve wellbeing.

Today the Lifefulness methodology is being used in the workplace to create belonging and meaning for all.

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what you’ll get

‘The Power Hour’ is an hour of activities and ideas that are designed to unleash the positive neurochemicals that create personal bonds, reduce anxiety and increase flow states.

This leads to:

  • Closer connections between your team

  • Individuals connecting to their own purpose

  • A chance to clear stresses and mental blocks

  • Everyone tapping into positivity and creativity


why am i doing it?

My mission is to bring Lifefulness into the corporate world because everyone should be able to find meaning and belonging at work - making happier people, and more effective businesses.

Part of this is creating new formats, like the Power Hour. It’s worked in other places and settings, so further pilots in the workplace are the perfect next step.

The goal is that once established in the world of work, the practice can then spread to schools, care homes, healthcare and wherever else people come together to make things happen.

No matter what happens, you and your team will be glowing with positivity and ready to work together to achieve great things. 

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